Friday, January 29, 2016

PornHub Reveals What Were The Searches Of Porn This Christmas

The christmas season, the most awaited by million of people around the world is about to end, but the spirit of the season remains up in the air... even in the searches for adult content.

As every year, the popular site Pornhub has published a list of content most sought after in their extensive library for adults. Thanks to the statistics programme Pornhub Insights, the portal of pornography most popular Internet conducted a series of infographics that revealed that the holiday season also affects "most searched" in your portal.

The christmas spirit was present in searches such as "The Mischievous Helper of Santa", "Merry Christmas" and "Mrs. Claus", among others.

In addition to these curious data, the portal of XXX content highlighted that during the end of year holidays has increased the use of smart phones as the primary means to access the content it offers. In fact, desktop computers, lap tops and tablets were very behind in terms of the device most used by internet surfers to enter to Porn Hub.

But if you were thinking of the netizens of the world would consume pornography, regardless of the date or holiday of the year, what is certain is that the information gathered was found that, during the 25 of December, the users of several countries stopped consuming pornography.

According to the Daily Sun, the largest drop in site traffic occurred in the United Kingdom and Australia, with a decrease of 30%, while in other countries such as Germany only reduced the consumption of pornography at 10%.

Mexico also registered a mild low with respect to levels of consumption common. According to rescues the daily Excelsior, traffic to Pornhub from the country decreased by 14%. By contrast, countries such as Japan, India and Russia showed a slight increase in the number of visits.

As a curious fact, the term "Festivus" was searched 569% more than on normal days. "Holidays is a holiday dummy, which was celebrated by the characters of the television series Seinfield, as a kind of substitute Christmas. 

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Friday, January 1, 2016


Article by Addictions, sometimes, in conversations or in the world of the fiction can be a reason of jocosidad, and especially sex addiction, which people are generally not taken seriously. It seems to want constant sex, and if above have the opportunity to “spend the day fucking” that is not a concern, but rather of envy. 

Sex and Porn a perfect combination

It is the typical nonsense that one loose in the company of others in a casual environment, relaxed and festive, but if any of the people that makes this type of comment was really addicted to sex, another rooster sing.

Like any other thing we can be hooked (alcohol, tobacco, drugs in general or the game, free lesbian porn for example), the sex addiction is a disease that makes her suffer a lot to those who suffer from it –bullshit aside-, but as in all addictions, there is a point, different for each person and difficult to identify, which happens to go very often to that initial source of pleasure to do it in a grade-obsessive, neglecting the other aspects of our life and harming to us to ourselves, even physically.

A sex addict needs to practice and there comes a moment in which gives you like with who you do –do not put especially picky-if you are taking precautions or not, and if it is doing damage to the people around you with their sexual activities, or neglecting your personal and professional life. 

When you lose control of all this we are talking about an addiction, which is a disease, which in the case of women is known as “nymphomania” –and yes, this word will remind us of stupid comments we talked about at the beginning like a freeporn, and that tend to qualify the women are very sexually active “nymphomaniacs”, a label that tends to excite the pundits for the implications that has-. In the case of men, although it is less known, is “satyriasis”. 

The addict (or addicted) to the sex practices of impulsively, but it is also at the end of feels guilty, and to carry out the momentary satisfaction of his physical desires requires a promiscuity that often is only possible through lies to your partner if you have one, but also to other people involved. When to have sex with multiple people using the courtship is not possible resort to prostitution, encounters with strangers, the excessive consumption of pornography, masturbation, constant, etc As in any addiction to hd porn, the lack of access to the source of pleasure results in the withdrawal syndrome. 

And in the most severe cases can lead to those who suffer this addiction to exhibitionism and sexual harassment, including sexual assault, so that you can destroy the lives of other people and end up in jail and condemned to social marginalization, something much more worrisome than the loss of a job or the friendships and family relationships that often enter within the consequences of sex addiction.

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